Frequent question: How can architects serve as lean agile leaders?

System Architects coordinate with Enterprise and Solution Architects to ensure their solutions are aligned with the larger vision. Finally, architects in any role are also Lean-Agile leaders with a responsibility for mentoring teams and enhancing the overall capabilities of contributors.

How do architects collaborate with the lean-agile center of excellence?

As Lean-Agile Leaders, Architect/Engineering ensure the organization operates effectively by participating as members of the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE). contributing to Value Stream Mapping workshops, and training and coaching engineers in achieving Technical Agility.

What is the role of architecture in an agile environment?

The architect is responsible for defining and maintaining the structure of the solution, and ensuring that it will meet the requirements. An agile architect must also help the team to work together in an agile fashion, to jointly own the solution, and to interface well with other parts of the organisation.

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What is one way to demonstrate a lean-agile mindset?

The principles of flow are an essential part of the Lean-Agile mindset. These include understanding the full Development Value Stream, visualizing and limiting Work in Process (WIP), and reducing batch sizes and managing queue lengths.

What is the role of architecture owner in agile?

The architecture owner is the person who owns the architecture decisions for the team and who facilitates the creation and evolution of the overall solution design. The person in the role of team lead will often also be in the role of architecture owner on small teams.

What is the basis for most team conflicts?

There are two basic types of team conflict: substantive (sometimes called task) and emotional (or relationship). Substantive conflicts arise over things such as goals, tasks, and the allocation of resources.

What is an example of traditional mindset for lean portfolio management?

Explanation: The Centralized annual planning is a traditional mindset for the Lean Portfolio Management and this mindset has been found to inhibit the enterprise’s transition to agility because it does not prove to be a more effective approach to Lean Portfolio Management.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a solution architect?

Solution architect role description and responsibilities

  • Analyzing the technology environment.
  • Analyzing enterprise specifics.
  • Analyzing and documenting requirements.
  • Setting the collaboration framework.
  • Creating a solution prototype.
  • Participating in technology selection.
  • Controlling solution development.

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Is architect part of Scrum team?

In this option the architect is part of the Scrum team, and this is the most embedded way that an architect would fit into a Scrum project. … Those team members with architectural skills or responsibilities by the nature of being in the Scrum team will be involved in the sprint on a day-to-day basis.

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What is an architecture spike?

An architectural spike is a technical risk-reduction technique popularized by Extreme Programming (XP) where you write just enough code to explore the use of a technology or technique that you’re unfamiliar with.

What are the two key elements of a lean-agile mindset?

Therefore, there are two primary aspects of a Lean-Agile Mindset:

  • Thinking Lean – Lean thinking is illustrated by the SAFe House of Lean (Figure 1). …
  • Embracing agility – SAFe is built entirely on the skills, aptitude, and capabilities of Agile teams and their leaders.

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What is agile and lean?

Lean encourages teams to deliver fast by managing flow, limiting the amount of WIP (work-in-process) to reduce context switching and improve focus. Agile teams manage flow by working in cross-functional teams on delivering one iteration at a time.

What are the lean-agile principles?

They are summarized in the following sections, and each has a full article behind the link.

  • #1 – Take an economic view. …
  • #2 – Apply systems thinking. …
  • #3 – Assume variability; preserve options. …
  • #4 – Build incrementally with fast, integrated learning cycles. …
  • #5 – Base milestones on objective evaluation of working systems.

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Who owns delivery in agile?

In Agile, it is completely delivery responsibility of the Team. Product Owner owns it and Scrum Master facilitates.

Why is transparency so important in SAFe?

Transparency is an enabler of trust, provided through several SAFe practices: Executives, Lean Portfolio Management, and other stakeholders can see the Portfolio Kanban and program backlogs, and they have a clear understanding of the PI Objectives for each Agile Release Train or Solution Train.

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What does an architecture team do?

Team Architects – support the lead architect and carry out significant portions of the architecture development with the guidance of the Lead Architect; the team may have anywhere for one to five members – typically at least one experience senior architect (although all five may be senior) and zero to four junior …

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