Frequent question: In which group of processes Should the project manager be assigned his or her role in the project?

A project manager is assigned to a project early in the project lifecycle.

When should the project manager be assigned?

Project manager is assigned before any processes, thus, as an input to the Initiation Process, answer is A.

Which project management process group has the most processes?

The executing group is where most of the action happens on a project. It is also where most of the budget is spent and where the actual project deliverables are produced. The executing process group includes ten project management processes.

Which processes are involved in project communication management?

Project Communications Management includes the processes that are required to ensure timely and appropriate planning, collection, creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, management, control, monitoring, and the ultimate disposition of project information.

Which process identifies the project manager?

Project Manager is identified as part of the Develop Project Charter process. You are the Project Manager assigned to build a next generation vehicle.

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How do you monitor a project?


  1. Monitor project throughout. Monitoring is only useful if it is built into the execution phase at the beginning. …
  2. Decide What to measure. It is vital to identify which indicators are to be measured. …
  3. Gather the right data. …
  4. Select appropriate tools. …
  5. Assign monitoring responsibility. …
  6. Identify who to report to.

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What are the three constraints on a project?

The triple constraint theory, also called the Iron Triangle in project management, defines the three elements (and their variations) as follows:

  • Scope, time, budget.
  • Scope, schedule, cost.
  • Good, fast, cheap.

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What are the 5 process groups in project management?

There are 5 phases to the project life cycle (also called the 5 process groups)—initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing. Each of these project phases represents a group of interrelated processes that must take place.

What are the 5 phases of a project?

Developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the five phases of project management include conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close.

What are the 10 knowledge areas of project management?

The 10 Knowledge Areas that have been defined in project management are:

  • Project Integration Management.
  • Project Scope Management.
  • Project Schedule Management.
  • Project Cost Management.
  • Project Quality Management.
  • Project Resource Management.
  • Project Communications Management.
  • Project Risk Management.

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What are the three main processes in project communications management?

The three project communications management processes are plan communication management, manage communications, and control communications.

What are the three main processes in project communications management briefly describe each process?

Briefly describe each process. -The three main processes in project communications management are planning communications management, managing communications, and controlling communications. > Planning communications management: involves determining the information and communications needs of the stakeholders. >

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What is project communication management plan?

A project management communication plan identifies how important information will be communicated to stakeholders throughout the project. … The purpose or goals of the communication plan. Information about stakeholders and their roles. The types of information that needed to be shared with stakeholders.

What is Project process flow?

In project management, a flow chart is a visual aid to understand the methodology you’re using to manage the project. … A flow chart displays graphically the project’s objective and seeks to more logically order the activities therein. But, a flow chart can also help with monitoring progress and even status reporting.

What are the 4 phases of project management?

The project management life cycle is usually broken down into four phases: initiation, planning, execution, and closure. These phases make up the path that takes your project from the beginning to the end.

What is a project process?

Project process corresponds to the project implementation that is divided into sub processes. … The components of the project process are: project start, project preparation, project planning, project implementation and project completion. The two last components should contain also the project decision.

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