Frequent question: Is PRINCE2 the same as agile?

Planning. One key difference between PRINCE2 and Agile methods is that PRINCE2 is often described as a predictive (plan-based) approach, while Agile calls for short-term, incremental achievements independent of an over-arching plan (the adaptive approach).

Is PRINCE2 waterfall or agile?

PRINCE2 is often taken as synonymous with the term “waterfall”. That’s a mistake with a number of implications. The truth is you can use it in a waterfall way but it’s not intrinsically waterfall; the main idea is to deliver profit and products for your business.

Can you do PRINCE2 agile without PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 Agile is now available as an e-learning and classroom product. There are no formal pre-requisites for the Foundation qualification, but you will need to have either PRINCE2® Foundation or PRINCE2 Agile Foundation to take the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner qualification. … Its name is PRINCE2 Agile.

How does PRINCE2 agile refer to the term agile?

PRINCE2 Agile is the world’s most complete agile project management method, combining the benefits of agile ways of working with the governance and structure of the PRINCE2® project management method.

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What is PRINCE2 equivalent to?

PRINCE2 Foundation (or higher) Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® IPMA Level A® (Certified Projects Director)

Is PRINCE2 dead?

It was reworked and reissued in 1996 as PRINCE2 — The Revenge (not really, that’s an alternative fact). … A major revision was done in 2009, and PRINCE2 became known as… PRINCE2.

What are the disadvantages of PRINCE2?


  • Only has 2 tools and techniques (over 100 in PMBOK® Guide)
  • Doesn’t cover soft skills.
  • Easy to run PINO projects (PRINCE2 IN name Only)
  • Requires senior management buy-in to be successful.
  • Requires experience to apply it well.
  • Has (unfair) reputation that it’s documentation-heavy.

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Is PRINCE2 worth doing?

Prince2 is worth the time and money involved if you’re pursuing a career in project management. It is a highly flexible methodology that can be used to manage projects in any sector and country. … As such, a Prince2 certification will greatly improve your chances of landing project management roles.

Is PRINCE2 agile worth?

But actually, it is not. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification certainly has a huge demand not only in the Commonwealth countries, but there are other countries as well where this certification is hugely in demand. Because of that, this certification becomes important for you and your career.

How hard is PRINCE2 agile?

How difficult are the PRINCE2/ PRINCE2 Agile exams? The certification exams for PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile are not particularly difficult. However, each exam requires a strong understanding of the associated syllabus, as well as how to apply it in practice.

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Why is PRINCE2 agile?

Designed to help professionals tailor management controls when working in an agile environment, PRINCE2 Agile will help practitioners understand PRINCE2 governance requirements clearly and comprehensively as well as the interface between PRINCE2 and agile ways of working.

What is the difference between PMP PRINCE2 agile and scrum?

PMP is a standard, PRINCE2 is a methodology and Scrum/Agile is a framework. Loosely speaking you can use these terms, standard, methodology and framework interchangeably for PMP, PRINCE2 and Scrum/Agile but here I am talking in strict technical sense. In simple terms PMP is a “standard”. Standard means best practices.

What is the latest PRINCE2 edition?

As of 1 January 2020, AXELOS has renamed PRINCE2® 2017 (the most recent updates to the PRINCE2 certification) to PRINCE2 6th Edition.

Is PRINCE2 easy?

It’s multiple choice, but not as you know it. … The aim is to test your knowledge of how you can apply the PRINCE2 knowledge in a real project. It’s a difficult exam, but if you prepare well and have experience with the objective testing format, you will be going into the exam with a high chance of success.

Is PMP better than PRINCE2?

PMP is knowledge-based, while PRINCE2 methodology is process-based for uncovering the best-proven practices in project management. … Thus, I would say both PMP & PRINCE2 are not competitors. Rather they complement each other. PMP equips you as a knowledge-driven project manager with the “HOW” of project management.

Can I put PRINCE2 after my name?

Certification Name: If you passed PRINCE2 Practitioner for the first time, or are re-registering type: “PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner”. If it is the Foundation exam then type“PRINCE2 Foundation certificate”. … (If you were certified under PRINCE2 version 2009, our certification authority was APMG-International).

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