Frequent question: What is a responsibility of an agile program management office APMO )?

Operating through the APMO, the LPM function can help cultivate and apply successful program execution patterns across the portfolio. The APMO also establishes objective metrics and reporting toward business agility. It may also sponsor and support CoPs for RTEs (and Solution Train Engineers), as well as Scrum Masters.

What are two responsibilities of an Agile Program Management Office choose two?


  • Communicating the business need, urgency, and vision for change.
  • Developing the implementation plan and managing the transformation backlog.
  • Establishing the metrics.

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Who is responsible for managing the portfolio kanban?

Epic Owners are responsible for coordinating portfolio Epics through the Portfolio Kanban system. They collaboratively define the epic, its Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and Lean business case, and when approved, facilitate implementation.

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What is Agile Portfolio Management?

Agile portfolio management ensures that a company provides their clients with the best value for their investment. … Being agile essentially means you are continuously delivering value – whether for a product, project or program.

What are three essential collaborations the lean portfolio management function provides to realize its responsibilities choose three?

The LPM function provides a set of three key collaborations—strategy and investment funding, Agile portfolio operations, and Lean-Agile governance—that are intended to align leadership around organizational strategy.

What are two aspects of leading by example?

Leading by Example

  • Authenticity requires leaders to model desired professional and ethical behaviors. …
  • Emotional intelligence describes how leaders identify and manage their emotions and those of others through self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

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What are two ways lean budgets help produce better outcomes?

Empowers local content authority, which moves decisions to where the information lives, enabling faster and better decision-making. Improved clarity of spending through value stream budgets. Better visibility to large business and technical initiatives (portfolio business and enabler epics) through the portfolio Kanban.

What are the SAFe principles?

Underlying principles of SAFe

Assume variability; preserve options. Build incrementally with fast integrated learning cycles. Base milestones on objective evaluation of working systems. Visualize and limit work-in-progress, reduce batch sizes, and manage queue lengths.

Who is responsible for ensuring quality is built into the code in SAFe?

One serves as the driver writing the code while the other as the navigator providing real-time review and feedback. Developers switch roles frequently. Pairing creates and maintains quality as the code will contain the shared knowledge, perspectives, and best practices from each member.

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How is kanban used in SAFe?

In SAFe, team Kanban is applied together with the cadence and synchronization requirements of the Agile Release Train (ART). This facilitates alignment, dependency management, and fast, integration-based learning cycles. These in turn provide the objective evidence needed to advance the broader Solution.

What is an example of traditional mindset for lean portfolio management?

Explanation: The Centralized annual planning is a traditional mindset for the Lean Portfolio Management and this mindset has been found to inhibit the enterprise’s transition to agility because it does not prove to be a more effective approach to Lean Portfolio Management.

What is the primary role of the SAFe portfolio?

The primary role of a SAFe Portfolio is to finance and nurture a set of Solutions development activities (a development value stream) that either deliver end user value directly or support other business (operational) value streams.

What is the primary focus of lean portfolio management?

The primary focus of lean portfolio management is to align Lean-Agile development with business strategy. Lean Portfolio Management represents the individuals with the highest-level of decision-making and financial accountability for a SAFe portfolio.

What is one way to demonstrate a lean agile mindset?

Thinking Lean with the SAFe House of Lean

  1. Precisely specify value by product.
  2. Identify the value stream for each product.
  3. Make value flow without interruptions.
  4. Let the customer pull value from the producer.
  5. Pursue perfection.

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What is the best measure of progress for complex system development?

System demo is the best measure of progress for complex system development. System demo is the specific event by which new features for the new iteration brought by all the teams at the Agile Release Train.

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What are three opportunities for creating collaboration on a team?

  • Encouraging specialization on the team.
  • Report status.
  • Collaborate with team members on weekends.
  • Pair work.
  • Backlog refinement.
  • Iteration Planning.
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