What are outputs from the direct and manage project work process for this project?

Directing and Managing Project Work – Outputs. The most important output of the process is achieving an approved deliverable. A deliverable is a unique and identifiable product, service, or result identified in the project management plan which is to be generated to complete a project.

What are inputs and outputs in project management?

An output can be a document, a product, a service, or a result. An input to a process can be an output from another process, or things such as documents, company policies, and templates created outside of the project management processes. …

What is direct and manage project work?

Direct and Manage Project Work is the process of leading and performing the work defined in the project management plan and implementing approved changes to achieve the project’s objectives.

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What inputs do you need when directing and managing project work?

Directing and managing project work creates deliverables, work performance data and change requests. The inputs are the project management plan, approved change requests, organizational process assets, and enterprise … project work.

What tools and techniques are used in the direct and manage project work process?

There are only three tools & techniques listed under this process, Expert Judgment, Project Management Information System (PMIS) (for example, Microsoft Project or Primavera), and Meetings.

What are examples of outputs?

Examples of outputs include:

  • Information (e.g. new information created as an input to a workshop and/or information from meetings)
  • Leaflets.
  • Meetings or workshops held with different groups.
  • Posters.
  • Exhibitions/presentations.
  • Surgeries (i.e. one-to-one discussions to share problems, get advice etc)
  • Reports.

What is an output of a project?

These are the first level of results associated with a project. Often confused with “activities”, outputs are the direct immediate term results associated with a project. In other words, they are usually what the project has achieved in the short term.

What is work performance data in project management?

According to the PMBOK Guide, Work Performance Data is “the raw observations and measurements identified during activities performed to carry out the project work; e.g., actual cost, actual duration, and the percent of work physically completed.”

What is the output of direct and manage execution?

The Project Management Plan is created during the project. 3. What is the output of Direct and Manage Execution? The whole reason for the Direct and Manage Execution process is to actually do the project work, and the deliverables are the products or services that are created by the project.

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Which process formally authorizes the project?

Develop Project Charter is the process of developing a document that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.

What inputs do you need when you develop a project management plan?


  • Project Charter. The project charter is a starting point for initial project planning. …
  • Outputs from other processes. …
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors. …
  • Organizational Process Assets. …
  • Expert Judgment. …
  • Data Gathering. …
  • Interpersonal and Team Skills. …
  • Meetings.

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What is included in lessons learned?

A lessons learned session focuses on identifying project success and project failures, and includes recommendations to improve future performance on projects. … The facilitator should review key documents and project survey results, and then prepare a list of questions specific to the project.

What is the main output of the project execution phase?

Project execution (or implementation) is the phase in which the plan designed in the prior phases of the project life is put into action. The purpose of project execution is to deliver the project expected results (deliverable and other direct outputs).

What are the examples of tools and techniques you can use to develop a project charter?

Develop a Project Charter – Tools and Techniques

  • Expert Judgment: A crucial step in executing the project by taking opinions from subject matter experts, garnering valuable inputs and understanding the business case complexity related to the project. …
  • Data Gathering. …
  • Interpersonal and Team Skills. …
  • Meetings.

What aim does the manage project knowledge process have?

The Manage Project Knowledge process has primarily two purposes – reusing existing knowledge and creating new knowledge. Knowledge captured in the past is used to improve performance on the current project, and the knowledge created by the current project is made available to future projects.

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What are the outputs of the control quality process?

The outputs of the Perform Quality Control process are:

  • Measurements.
  • Validated changes.
  • Updates to the project management plan and project documents.
  • Change requests.
  • Lessons learned.
  • Validated deliverables.
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