What are subsidiary plans in project management?

What are the subsidiary plans of project management plan?

Yes, all subsidiary plans such as Scope management plan, Schedule management plan, Cost management plan, Quality management plan, Resource management plan, Communications management plan, Risk management plan, Procurement management plan, Stakeholder management plan – they all form inputs to the Project management plan …

What is a subsidiary plan?

A Project Management Plan is a formal, approved document that defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled (PMBOK Guide 4th Edition). The subsidiary plans include, but are not limited to: … Scope Management Plan. Schedule Management Plan.

What is a consolidated plan in project management?

“ Consolidated Planning: The ability to consolidate and document the fundamental components of a change initiative: scope; schedule; resource requirements; budgets; risks, opportunities and issues; and quality requirements. The consolidated plan brings together all of the plans for the change initiative.

What are the types of project plans?

While there are numerous project management types, there are seven primary ones that get used the most often.

  1. Waterfall Project Management. …
  2. Agile Project Management. …
  3. Scrum Project Management. …
  4. Kanban Project Management. …
  5. Lean Project Management. …
  6. Six Sigma Project Management. …
  7. PRINCE2 Project Management.
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Who approves project management plan?

Typically the project plan is approved by the project manager, project sponsor, or the functional managers who provide the resources for the project.

What should a project management plan include?

A project management plan is a formal document that defines how a project is going to be carried out. It outlines the scope, goals, budget, timeline, and deliverables of a project, and it’s essential for keeping a project on track.

What subsidiary means?

In the corporate world, a subsidiary is a company that belongs to another company, which is usually referred to as the parent company or the holding company. The parent holds a controlling interest in the subsidiary company, meaning it has or controls more than half of its stock.

In which process the project management plan is developed?

Brainstorming – The Brainstorming technique is used for developing the project management plan to gather ideas and solutions as to how the project is to be approached.

What is scope management plan?

Like any plan, a scope management plan is a bunch of processes that are in place to make sure that the project includes all the necessary tasks for a successful project. The scope management plan is primarily concerned with defining how the scope is explained, developed, structured and verified.

What are the four common types of projects?

What are the four common types of projects?

Type of Project Product of Project (Examples)
1. Administrative installing a new accounting system
2. Construction a building or road
3. Computer Software Development a new computer program
4. Design of Plans architectural or engineering plans
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What is a project and examples?

It is an attempt to implement desired change to an environment in a controlled way. By using projects we can plan and do our activities, for example: build a garage, run a marketing campaign, develop a website, organize a party, go on vacation, graduate a university with honors, or whatever else we may wish to do.

What is a project master plan?

Master project planning: scope, time and cost. … Successful project managers are masters in creating detailed project plans that specify the project’s scope, cost, schedule, activities, and resources. This article outlines a seven-step approach to planning projects, an approach known as master project plan (MPP).

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