What are two benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework quizlet?

Ensures UX, architecture, operations, security, compliance, and others, are part of the flow of work. – Participate as an active business owner in PI execution. – Celebrate high quality and predictability delivered program increments. – Aggressively remove impediments and de-motivators.

What are two benefits of the Scaled Agile Framework?

  • Why Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)? Rapid adaptation to technology changes and economic conditions is a critical factor for success across all organisations. …
  • Quality. …
  • Productivity. …
  • Team-centric environment. …
  • Shorter time-to-market. …
  • Specific. …
  • Transparency.

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What are the benefits of scaled agile?

Most organizations put SAFe into practice incrementally, sometimes with just one Agile Release Train and a few teams.

Results—The Rewards of Lifelong Learning

  • 30% happier, move motivated employees.
  • 50% faster time-to-market.
  • 50% defect reduction.
  • 35% increase in productivity.
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What are two benefits of program increment Pi objectives choose two?

Creates the near-term focus and vision. Enables the ART to assess its performance and the business value achieved via the Program Predictability Measure. Communicates and highlights each team’s contribution to business value. Exposes dependencies that require coordination.

Which two areas are part of the Scaled Agile Framework core values choose two quizlet?

Four Core Values of Alignment, Built-in Quality, Transparency, and Program Execution represent the fundamental beliefs that are key to SAFe’s effectiveness. These guiding principles help dictate behavior and action for everyone who participates in a SAFe portfolio.

What are the three levels of the Scaled Agile Framework?

  • What is SAFe? SAFe is an industry-proven, value-focused method for scaling Agile to the Enterprise level. …
  • Portfolio Level. The portfolio management level of SAFe provides aim for the entire system. …
  • Program Level. The Program level in SAFe is where the Agile Release Train (ART) resides. …
  • Team Level.

What are the four levels of Scaled Agile Framework?

Created by Dean Leffingwell, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is an interactive software framework that enables you to apply Lean-Agile and Scrum practices at large enterprises. SAFe Full Configuration consists of four levels: Team, Program, Large Solution and Portfolio.

Why is agile not SAFe?

SAFe is not Agile

By now many of the ways SAFe is inconsistent with an Agile mindset should be pretty clear. It’s plan focused, bureaucratic, complicated, includes a lot of often unnecessary process, dis-empowers team autonomy, and more.

How do you implement Scaled Agile Framework?

It includes the following 12 steps:

  1. Reaching the Tipping Point.
  2. Train Lean-Agile Change Agents.
  3. Train Executives, Managers, and Leaders.
  4. Create a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence.
  5. Identify Value Streams and ARTs.
  6. Create the Implementation Plan.
  7. Prepare for ART Launch.
  8. Train Teams and Launch the ART.
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Why is it good to be agile?

Agile allows teams to deliver a prototype and improve it with every cycle. Agile supports regular and collaborative troubleshooting. Agile helps teams and individuals effectively prioritize features and work in general. … Agile empowers team members to work creatively and effectively.

What are two different types of enabler stories?

Broadly, there are four main types of enabler stories:

  • Exploration – often referred to as a ‘spike’. …
  • Architecture – design a suitable architecture that describes the components in a system and how they relate to each other.
  • Infrastructure – perform some work on the solution infrastructure.

What is the purpose of Pi planning?

SAFe PI Planning helps teams in the Agile Release Train (ART) synchronize, collaborate, and align on workflows, objectives, releases, and more. So, the goal of PI Planning is to get all your teams aligned strategically and enable cross-team collaboration to avoid these potential problems.

What is a benefit of capacity allocation?

Since the backlog contains both new business functionality and the enablement work necessary to extend the Architectural Runway, a ‘capacity allocation’ is used to help ensure immediate and long-term value delivery, with velocity and quality.

Which two areas are part of the Scaled Agile Framework core values?

The four Core Values of alignment, built-in quality, transparency, and program execution represent the fundamental beliefs that are key to SAFe’s effectiveness. These guiding principles help dictate behavior and action for everyone who participates in a SAFe portfolio.

Which is an aspect of system thinking?

Systems thinking takes a holistic approach to solution development, incorporating all aspects of a system and its environment into the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the system itself.

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What are two aspects of leading by example?

Leading by Example

  • Authenticity requires leaders to model desired professional and ethical behaviors. …
  • Emotional intelligence describes how leaders identify and manage their emotions and those of others through self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

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