What is a pro agility run?

The Pro-Agility Shuttle is a key test used by coaches and scouts to evaluate football players at the NFL Combine, college pro days and other football combines across the country. It is a great way to assess a player’s quickness and ability to change directions, which are fundamental skills for success on the gridiron.

What is a good pro agility time?

It’s good for overall agility, speed and lateral quickness. A shuttle run time below four seconds is generally considered great, with the best players closer to the 3.8-second range.

What is a pro agility?

The Pro Agility (also known as the 5-10-5 or short shuttle) is one of the standard tests used to evaluate agility and change of direction performance. … Today we will talk about how the crossover impacts the Pro Agility, and how this drill can be used as a tool to get quality reps of agility work.

What is a good 5-10-5 drill time?

It is one of the most prominent events at the NFL Combine, because it reveals how well prospects can move laterally. If you can run the 5-10-5 Shuttle in less than 4.5 seconds, you’re doing pretty well. Any time under 4 seconds is downright blazing and would be a top-10 time at the 2015 NFL Combine.

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What is a good time for the 3 cone drill?

Top 10 Fastest 3-Cone Drill Times

rank time (seconds) year
1 6.28 2018
2 6.42 2011
3 6.44 2011
=4 6.45 2019

What is the t test agility?

Agility T-Test. The T-Test is a simple running test of agility, involving forward, lateral, and backward movements, appropriate to a wide range of sports. purpose: the T-Test is a test of agility for athletes, and includes forward, lateral, and backwards running.

What agility test would be suitable for?

Agility is defined as “a skill-related component of physical fitness that relates to the ability to rapidly change the position of the entire body in space with speed and accuracy.”51 Thus clinical tests of agility can be appropriate function- and sports-specific tests for sports involving cutting, such as basketball, …

How do you run a 5 10 5 shuttle?

To run through the 5-10-5 Shuttle Run:

  1. Start in a three-point stance.
  2. On the whistle or command, step with your back foot going to your right.
  3. Take about four steps to your right.
  4. Plant and reach to the yard line or cone five yards to the right of the starting line.
  5. Turn to your left and sprint across 10 yards.

What is 40m sprint?

The 40 Meter Sprint is part of the eTID Talent Identification Testing Program, and their protocol is listed here. purpose: The aim of this test is to determine acceleration and speed. … procedure: The test involves running a single maximum sprint over 40 meters, with the time recorded.

What is the L drill in football?

The L-Drill is also known at the 3 cone and is used by football coaches to measure agility, change of direction and balance. The total distance covered is 30 yards, broken into six 5 yard short sprints.

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How do you run a 300 yard shuttle?

The 300-Yard Shuttle Run

  1. Start at the goal line.
  2. Run to the 50-yard line. Touch the line.
  3. Run back to the goal line. …
  4. Perform the down-and-back sequence three times for a total of 300 yards.
  5. Rest for two minutes.
  6. Repeat the 300-yard sequence.
  7. Rest for two minutes and repeat the 300-yard sequence once more.

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What is a good 40 yard dash time?

According to a five-year NFL combine report, wide receivers and cornerbacks had the fastest average times at 4.48, followed by running backs at 4.49. The following average times were measured between 2000 and 2012 at the NFL combine for players who played at least 5 games.

How can I improve my agility?

8 Best Agility Training Exercises

  1. Lateral Plyometric Jumps. Lateral plyometric jumps help build explosive power, balance, and coordination by using our natural body weight. …
  2. Forward Running, High-Knee Drills. …
  3. Lateral Running, Side-to-Side Drills. …
  4. Dot Drills. …
  5. Jump Box Drills. …
  6. L Drills. …
  7. Plyometric Agility Drill. …
  8. Shuttle Runs.

How can I improve my shuttle run?

Improve Your 20-yard Shuttle Run With These 3 Exercises

  1. Side Standing Long Jump: In this exercise, start by squatting low, with your weight evenly distributed in both feet. …
  2. Carioca: Start standing with your feet facing forward. …
  3. Hill Runs: Add some hill runs to your program work on your speed and acceleration.

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