What is Sprint meeting in agile?

Sprint planning is an event in the Scrum framework where the team determines the product backlog items they will work on during that sprint and discusses their initial plan for completing those product backlog items.

What are Sprint meetings?

A sprint planning meeting is conducted before the start of a sprint. The purpose of this meeting is to determine the sprint plan and set a sprint goal. … During the sprint planning meeting, the product owner describes the highest priority features to the entire team.

What is the main purpose of a sprint planning meeting?

Sprint planning is an event in scrum that kicks off the sprint. The purpose of sprint planning is to define what can be delivered in the sprint and how that work will be achieved. Sprint planning is done in collaboration with the whole scrum team.

What is a sprint in Agile?

A sprint is a short, time-boxed period when a scrum team works to complete a set amount of work. Sprints are at the very heart of scrum and agile methodologies, and getting sprints right will help your agile team ship better software with fewer headaches.

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What is Sprint Review Meeting in agile?

In Scrum, each sprint is required to deliver a potentially shippable product increment. So at the end of each sprint, a sprint review meeting is held. … During this meeting, the Scrum team shows what they accomplished during the sprint. Typically this takes the form of a demo of the new features.

Who attends sprint planning?

In Scrum, the sprint planning meeting is attended by the product owner, ScrumMaster and the entire Scrum team. Outside stakeholders may attend by invitation of the team, although this is rare in most companies. During the sprint planning meeting, the product owner describes the highest priority features to the team.

How long is a sprint review meeting?

A sprint review may last up to 4 hours in 4-week-sprints. The general rule is that the sprint review should take no more than one hour per week of sprint duration. The following table illustrates the rule.

How is a sprint planning meeting conducted?

How to run a sprint planning meeting

  1. Prep your backlog. …
  2. Examine team availability. …
  3. Establish velocity for your team. …
  4. Plan your sprint planning meeting. …
  5. Start with the big picture. …
  6. Present new updates, feedback, and issue. …
  7. Confirm team velocity and capacity. …
  8. Go over backlog items.

What is a sprint goal?

The Sprint Goal is an objective set for the Sprint that can be met through the implementation of Product Backlog. Sprint goals are the result of a negotiation between the Product Owner and the Development Team. Sprint Goals should be specific and measurable.

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When should a sprint planning meeting happen?

Sprint planning occurs on the first day of a new sprint. The event should occur after the sprint review and retrospective from the previous sprint so that any output from those discussions can be considered when planning for the new sprint. It does not have to occur immediately after those other two events.

What is a sprint process?

Sprint is one timeboxed iteration of a continuous development cycle. Within a Sprint, planned amount of work has to be completed by the team and made ready for review. … Sprint literal meaning is a short race at full speed. Accordingly, teams usually define a short duration of a Sprint up to 2-4 weeks.

Is a sprint a release?

A Sprint is a potential release, but most Sprints are not Releases. A Sprint is just an iteration of time, after which the product is in a stable, releasable form. A Release is when you actually do release the product.

What Sprint means?

: to run or go very fast for a short distance. sprint. noun. English Language Learners Definition of sprint (Entry 2 of 2) : a race over a short distance at a very fast speed.

How do I present a sprint review?

A Sample Sprint Review Agenda

  1. Welcome, expectation setting – PO, SM. …
  2. Set expectations for the review – PO – first time. …
  3. Share Sprint or Product Increment goals – PO. …
  4. Review Value Delivered – The Team. …
  5. Provide feedback on the Product Increment – Stakeholders.
  6. Share what is planned for the next Sprint – PO.

Who facilitates sprint review?

#8. Who leads the Sprint Review? The Scrum Master facilitates the Sprint Review, and the demo is done by the Product Owner, mainly.

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What should I say in my sprint review?

The Sprint review meeting should include the following:

  • Attendance and participation of the Scrum Team, product owner, and invited key stakeholders.
  • The Product Owner should report the items in the Product Backlog; what backlog items have been done and what have not.

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