How do you delete someone from basecamp?

Find and click the person you’d like to remove. On the top-right corner of that person person’s page, click “superpowers and access to projects.” Finally, click “Remove completely from Basecamp.” Only admins and the account owner can delete people from an account.

How do I remove someone from my project?

To remove a person or placeholder from a project, you’ll need to delete or reassign all of their time assignments on the project. Just click on their assignments and the Assignment Form will appear. Then select Delete or reassign using the Person menu.

How do I add people on basecamp?

Add someone to a Project, Team, or Company HQ

On the project’s main page, click the Add/remove people button right beside people’s avatars. The next screen shows you everyone already on the project. Click the green +Add people button to invite people to the project — either as part of your own team, or as a client.

How do I remove myself from a project in basecamp 2?

Leave a Project

  1. Under your own name, you’ll see the option to remove yourself from that project.
  2. That’s it! …
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile card, and you’ll see the option to leave that account.
  4. You’ll get a confirmation screen, with the option to send a personal note to the account owner.
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28 окт. 2020 г.

How do I manage projects in basecamp?

Here’s how to manage your Basecamp projects like 37signals:

  1. Identify Key Areas of Customer Concern. …
  2. Divide Your Basecamp by Projects, Not Roles. …
  3. Define To-Dos One Area at a Time. …
  4. Use Basecamp to Communicate, Not to Plan. …
  5. Manage Scope, Not Task Due Dates. …
  6. Top Five Tricks for Using Basecamp.

27 апр. 2017 г.

How do I delete someone from Asana?

Navigate to your workspace. Click the cog (workspace settings) icon to the right of workspace bar. Select “Invite and Manage Members”. Click the “Remove” button next to member you want to remove.

How do I remove a team member from Asana?

Remove someone from a team

  1. Navigate to the Members tab in Team Settings.
  2. Hover over the person’s name and select the Remove button that appears.

How do I change my email on basecamp?

Update your profile in a snap! Click your avatar in the upper right corner of Basecamp and select ‘My profile’ from the menu that populates to edit your information. You’ll also see the ‘Edit my profile’ option when you click your avatar anywhere it appears in Basecamp.

How do I export a project from basecamp?

The export feature is only available to the account owner.

  1. Head to your Account page, then click “Set up or download an export.”
  2. Pick the export you want. …
  3. When it’s done you’ll get an email. …
  4. If you export the entire account, each project is broken out into its own folder.

15 авг. 2018 г.

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What is the best way to use Basecamp?

Basecamp is best for working collaboratively on individual projects. Rather than spend time dividing different tasks according to the specific teams that will contribute, organize your projects to reflect how different departments will work together on a segment of the project.

Which is better Asana or basecamp?

While Asana offers more features, more integrations, and a better, more informative startup process, Basecamp offers better pricing and faster support. When it comes to ease of use, both tools are simple, intuitive, and effortless to navigate.

Is basecamp any good?

“Great project tracking for simple projects”

Overall: I would definitely recommend Basecamp as a great, easy to use, and powerful solution for basic project management, but if you want something more robust and geared towards software projects you might find it lacking.

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