How do you strikethrough in Jira?

How do you strikethrough text in Jira?

This page relates to rich text formatting in the new Jira issue view. For information on formatting text in the old issue view, take a look at Editing and collaborating on issues.


Markdown syntax Result
*text* Italics
_text_ Italics
~~text~~ Strikethrough

What does strikethrough mean in Jira?

Issues will appear as a strikethrough when they have a resolution. It’s possible for an issue to enter a ‘Done’ or ‘Resolved’ or ‘Closed’ status but not have a resolution – this is entirely dependent upon the workflow configuration. … JIRA Agile issues will show as a strikethrough when they have a resolution.

Why is my Jira issue crossed out?

The strikeout indicates that the issue is “resolved”, which means a resolution is not blank (doesn’t matter what resolution – the decision is “set to something” versus “none”).

How do I get rid of strikethrough in Jira?

To remove it on the way out of “done”, add a post-function to each transtion out of “done”. The post-function should seay “set field resolution to none/empty” or “clear resolution field”. Have a look at the default Jira workflow if you’re stuck – that does it.

How do I highlight text in Jira?

Simply select text with the mouse and click the “Highlight” button. The selected text is then marked with a nice yellow background.

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How do you quote in Confluence?

Quoting page content or coworkers’ comments is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Highlight your text. As you’re reviewing in Confluence, just highlight text that you want to provide feedback on.
  2. Click the Quote in comment button. You’ll notice that a button appears above the text you’ve highlighted.
  3. Provide your feedback.

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How do I change resolution in Jira?

Resolution Set Using a POST Function

  1. Locate your Workflow: > Issues > Workflows.
  2. Click Edit under Actions for your workflow.
  3. Select your “Done” transition, and Click POST Functions.
  4. Click ‘Add POST Function > Select ‘Update Issue Field’
  5. Select Resolution for Issue Field and the appropriate Field Value.

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What is Resolution field in Jira?

Purpose. The “Resolution” field is an important feature in Jira. It specifies the reason an issue is closed and removes the need of having multiple statuses with the purpose of stating why the issue is closed, thus capturing important data for your team while reducing the time you have to manage your workflow.

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