How do you subtask in MS Project?

To create a subtask or a summary task, indent a task below another one. In the Gantt Chart view, select the task you want to turn into a subtask, then click Task > Indent. The task you selected is now a subtask, and the task above it, that isn’t indented, is now a summary task.

How do I create a subtask?

How to create a sub-task issue type

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Under ISSUE TYPES, select Sub-tasks.
  3. Click Add sub-task issue type.
  4. Enter a name and description to define the new sub-task issue type.
  5. Click Add.

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How do I create a drop down list in MS Project?

Project – Creating a Custom Field as a Drop-Down List. Click the Format tab on the ribbon, and then click Custom Fields (in the Columns group). This will open the Custom Field Dialog box, which is shown below. In the Field section, make sure Task is selected on the left hand side, and Text is selected on the right.

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How do I break a task in MS Project?

Split a task

  1. On the View tab, in the Task Views group, choose Gantt Chart.
  2. On the Task tab, in the Schedule group, choose Split Task.
  3. On the task’s Gantt bar, click the bar on the date where you want the split to occur, and drag the second part of the bar to the date that you want work to begin again.

How do I make a parent task in MS Project?

In the Gantt Chart view in Microsoft Project, click on the task you want to make a subtask, then click Indent. In the example, Task2 is a subtask of the above Task1 that in its turn will be a parent or summary task to Task2. Task3 is also a subtask.

Can epics have subtasks?

When creating a Sub-task inside an Epic or inside any issue that is linked to an Epic, the message “A subtask cannot be assigned to an epic.” is shown, when, in fact, you CAN assign a subtask to an epic.

What is subtask?

: a task that is part of a more complex task … I typed up a long list of every single task and even subtask I thought it would involve, from shopping for fixtures to picking up materials to installation.—

What is MS Project rollup?

For summary tasks, the Rollup field indicates whether the summary task bar displays rolled up bars. … You must have the Rollup field for summary tasks set to Yes for any subtasks to roll up to them.

How do I edit a resource list in MS Project?

Making Changes to Resources in Microsoft Project

  1. All information kept in the history of using that resource is kept. …
  2. On the VIEW tab, click Gantt Chart.
  3. In the Task Name column, right click the task with the resource that you want to replace.
  4. Click Assign Resources. …
  5. See the already assigned resource, and choose Replace to assign a different resource.
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What is a drop line Programme?

The most recognised method of progress reporting is what’s commonly called a ‘drop line’. This is a line drawn down the programme on a chosen report date indicating tasks that either are ahead or behind schedule.

Link tasks by using the Gantt Chart view

  1. On the View menu, choose Gantt Chart.
  2. In the Task Name field, select two or more tasks you want to link, in the order you want to link them. To select nonadjacent tasks, hold down CTRL and select the tasks you want to link. …
  3. Choose Link Tasks .

When would you choose to split a task?

Question: When Would You Choose To Split A Task? When No Other Resources Are Available Who Are Qualified To Perform Both Tasks When Both Tasks Are Short When Both Tasks Are Long When One Task Duration Is Short And The Other Is Long An Ellipsis (…)

How do you add lead and lag in MS Project?

Add lead or lag time

  1. Double-click a task name, and then click the Predecessors tab in the Task Information box. ©
  2. In the Lag column, type the lead time or lag time you want. To add lead time, type a negative number or a negative percentage (for example, -50%).

How do you set a deadline in MS Project?

Set a deadline for a task

  1. Right-click a task, click Information > Advanced tab.
  2. Next to Deadline,fill in your deadline date.

How do I create headings in MS Project?

Add a header, footer, or legend to a view

  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
  2. On the Header, Footer, or Legend tab, click the Left, Center, or Right tab.
  3. In the text box, type or paste the text, add the document or project information, or insert or paste a graphic.
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How do I change working days in MS Project?

Adjust the working times for your project

  1. Click Project > Properties > Change Working Time. …
  2. With the calendar marked as (project calendar) selected from the For calendar list, click the Work Weeks tab, and then click Details.
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