Quick Answer: How do I subscribe to a filter in Jira?

How do I subscribe to a filter?

Run the filter that you want to subscribe to, then click Details (next to filter name). Fill in the ‘Filter Subscription form’ and click Subscribe.

How do I apply a filter in Jira?

Configuring filters in Jira. To access your filters, navigate to Issues > Manage Filters. From there, you can edit your filter’s details as well as work on filters that other users have shared with you. Users can also Manage Viewers and Editors and Manage Subscriptions for their filters.

What are Jira filter subscriptions?

A subscription in Jira means it will run a query on a scheduled basis and email the result to you or a group of people. If no issues meet that query, Jira will not send email. Subscriptions can be configured on a flexible basis.

What are filter subscriptions?

Air filter subscription services deliver HVAC filters to your door on a predetermined schedule. They eliminate the need to go to the store and find the correct filter for your home, and the scheduled delivery can serve as a reminder to change out your home filter—a necessary but often forgotten household chore.

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Where is my subscription feed?

The simplest way to see only your subscriptions is to head to the Subscriptions page. There’s a link to this page on the YouTube homepage, shown above. The subscriptions page has the the latest videos from the channels you’re subscribed to, and nothing else.

What is a subscription feed?

Simply put, YouTube subscribers refer to the people or accounts that are subscribed to your channel. So whenever you upload a new video, your subscribers will be able to see it in their feeds. This makes your subscribers more likely to watch the videos you upload.

How do I create a Smart Filter in Jira?

Add Smart filters and Smart columns to your interactive Jira…

  1. Open the configuration page of your rich filter.
  2. Once you are on the rich filter configuration page, click on Smart Filters link on the left of your screen.
  3. Add a new smart filter. …
  4. Add the three clauses below: …
  5. Open/refresh the dashboard you already have and which is based on your rich filter.

What is a filter in Jira?

A filter is a saved issue search. Jira users can search for issues using different criteria in basic or advanced search, and then save their results as a filter, becoming the filter’s owner. … If the filter is private, only the owner and Jira admin can view and modify it.

How do I create a filter in JIRA dashboard?

Create a Rich Filter

  1. Open the Issues menu at the top of the screen and select the Manage rich filters option.
  2. Click on the Create Rich Filter button at the top-right of your screen to open the Create Rich Filter dialog box.
  3. Fill the two mandatory fields: Enter a name for your Rich Filter. …
  4. Click the Create button.
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How do I save a filter in Jira?

Saving a search as a filter

  1. Define and run your search.
  2. Click the Save as link above the search results. The Save Filter dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter a name for the new filter and click Submit. Your filter is created.

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How do I send automated reports in Jira?

  1. Create a JIRA dashboard with the report(s) you wanted to be automatically emailed. You can include any number and any type (pie, created vs. reported, two-dimensional counts, etc.) …
  2. Set up automatic emailing of the dashboard as explained in this tutorial.

How do I create a group in Jira?

To create the group and add users:

  1. Go to > User management.
  2. Choose Groups in the sidebar.
  3. Choose the Create group button (if you’re using Confluence Server, choose Add Group)
  4. Enter a group name, for example ‘project-team’
  5. Choose Create group.
  6. Choose Add to add members to the group.

What is filter time?

The brainchild of Koch, FilterTime® is a subscription-based service that delivers customized air filters straight to the customer, essentially removing the arduous planning, shopping and hassle of air-filter replacement.

What MERV rating do I need?

As a general rule, residences do not use higher than MERV 8 filters. We do recommend that everyone uses filters that have at least an 8 MERV rating. These filters will remove the majority of pollutants from your indoor air.

What is a renewed air filter?

Renewal/reuse of your own filters will cut filter maintenance costs without reducing filter performance or risking equipment protection. Our multi-stage process is more than a good cleaning, we renew your filter to manufacturer specs. And the cost of renewal is normally a fraction of the cost of a new filter.

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