Quick Answer: How does basecamp communicate?

How do you send a message on basecamp?

Navigate to the project you wish to email content to. At the bottom right corner of every project you’ll see a link that says “Email content to this project”. Clicking this link will present an array of icon options on how to add content to your Basecamp project via email.

How does basecamp software work?

With Basecamp, you break up your work into separate projects. Each project contains everything related to the work at hand; all the people involved, every discussion, every document, file, task, important date, etc.

Adding Notes and Links to an Item

  1. To add a note, enter the note text.
  2. To add a file, select Add File Link, select a file, and select Open.
  3. To add a file from another window, drag and drop the file into the add new links area.
  4. To add a web link, select Add Web Link, enter the URL, and select OK.

Does basecamp have video conferencing?

Pings let you chat in real time with anyone on the same Basecamp account. have fun with sounds, video, and emoji!

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Is basecamp free to use?

Basecamp Personal is 100% free in every sense of the word. No charge. No ads.

Are basecamp pings private?

Pings are like direct messages — they’re direct conversations with other users in the account. * They’re not tied to any Teams or Projects in the account. You can ping one person or a group of people, and the conversation is only visible to the people you select.

Which is better Asana or basecamp?

While Asana offers more features, more integrations, and a better, more informative startup process, Basecamp offers better pricing and faster support. When it comes to ease of use, both tools are simple, intuitive, and effortless to navigate.

“We’ll never forget what made Basecamp so popular in the first place: It just works. It’s simple, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to understand, it’s clear, it’s reliable, and it’s dependable. We’ll continue to make it more of all of those things.”

What is the best way to use Basecamp?

Basecamp is best for working collaboratively on individual projects. Rather than spend time dividing different tasks according to the specific teams that will contribute, organize your projects to reflect how different departments will work together on a segment of the project.

How do I add a GIF to basecamp?

Embed Images

Click and drag pictures from your computer into the message to embed them in-line. (JPG, GIF, and PNG supported.) If you have several images, you can make a side-by-side gallery of images by uploading multiple images at the same time.

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How much does basecamp cost?

A Basecamp account costs $99 per month or $999 per year for unlimited team members and unlimited projects.

What is the difference between basecamp 2 and 3?

Basecamp 2 includes a 60-day free trial, while Basecamp 3 offers a 30-day free trial. You can get a $150 credit on your account for upgrading to Basecamp 3 from Basecamp 2. … If you have fewer than 40 projects or need less than 15 GB of storage, you could save about $50/month by using Basecamp 2.

Does basecamp have Gantt charts?

Basecamp is a project management and communication software. … It has not, and still does not offer any Gantt chart feature, a tool that many use for project planning. Later on, it offered a Hill Chart feature in Basecamp 3, which is more of a high-level project tracking view.

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